Campus Christians’ primary focus is serving Jesus and helping students on our campus fall in love with Him. We offer a number of events and programs each week. These include Bible studies and discussion groups, prayer meetings, service projects, a Thursday night worship service on campus, outreach events, and events to get together and just have fun. Every week there are events and programs that will fit a variety of needs and interests. Our goal is to meet our students where they are in life and help them to develop an active relationship with Jesus.

We know that major decisions and life choices are made in college, and for many students entering our campus they are experiencing a sense of freedom for the very first time. Our hope is that we can partner alongside them in this journey and help them as they venture into this new chapter of life.


Don Smith, International Student Focus

I was born and raised in Missouri near Pittsburg and attended PSU my first year of college. I transferred to Ozark Christian College and graduated with a Bachelor of Biblical Literature. I have been with Campus Christians since 1978.

James Bacus, American Student Focus

I grew up in Joplin, Missouri where I attended Ozark Christian College and received a Bachelor of Biblical Literature. Before coming to PSU, I served at Ridgeview Christian Church in Rolla, Missouri and Crossroads Christian Church in Largo, Florida. I have served with Campus Christians since 2009.